On the extremity of civilized space,

hanging on the ragged edge of unlawfulness, drifts what many call
“The Old Lady”,
The mother of all multi-dimensional ports in the galaxy.
Nestled in the depths of the ever-growing goliath,
its neutrality makes it a sanctuary for the hunted; asylum for those fleeing conflict, anchorage for merchants, and a marketplace for all.
A melting pot of the innocent, scoundrels and depravity; a place everyone is welcome…
if they can pay.

The bar to end all bars …..

Artist : Sam Rowan

Kysseme XOI

Identifies as: Female

Identifies as: Female

A Lothrene international Art trader.  Kysseme, once a highly successful techno DJ, she left the scene after her ultrasonic bass accidentally flattened the city of Graffia in Yeltorus on Gella. With the death of thousands attributed to her she became a pariah and forced to change her identity. She attempted to reinvent herself but kept forgetting her new name.

Kysseme enjoys the Cantina as she is unknown there. She holds a tiny grain of hope of meeting the enigmatic charming pilot she happened to meet 5 years ago and who promised to steal her away with him but has never seen since.

Prone to nasal infections she struggles with cleaning the inside of her dome and must enlist the help of a small creature known as a Gemimorph. Who cleans the dome regularly with his squeegee. She pays him in eyelashes.

  • Likes: Cocktails and silicone based moisturisers
  • Dislikes: Static fabric and Lime
  • Special Skills: Lock picking and forging physical identification scanners

(PLANET) Lothren – Kysseme’s home planet
(PLANET) Gella – (STATE) Graffia – (CITY) Gella
(CREATURE) Gemimorph

Artist : Sam Rowan

Tanks and LEOD

Tankfrey Tankilo

Originally an Aureum Dust miner on his home planet of Crafforfom. The precious metal was used in the circuitry of the advanced robots that were being created on Craffofom by the Sidnia company. The dust gradually made Tanks extremely ill and reliant on a respirator. 

Determined to continue living his life to the full after retiring he invested in a life preserver robot LEOD ( Life Enhancing Omni-Assisting Droid) allowing him to explore his new hobby as a wedding photographer across the various galaxies.

Despite the tank accurately replicating the atmosphere of his home planet he still wheezes. The dust damage to Tanks’s health results in him expelling toxic clouds of gas which need to be safely processed and kept away from his photographs or he risks them combusting.

LEOD, originally a highly decorated soldier responsible for capturing large colonies for the Sidnia Company. He accidentally uploaded a virus to his tactical unit during a forced update which led to the loss of a city domination. Despite it not being within his control he became the scapegoat for the company and was given a dishonourable discharge. Desperate for work he chose the life of Vending and after an exhausting few years as a vending machine tired of being kicked, manhandled and having limbs inserted into him he decided a new career as a life sustainer would be more satisfying and less risky.

 He was assigned to Tanks and they have ever since had a love hate relationship. LEOD works for Tanks for 14 hours out of 24 for the remaining time LEOD may come and go as he pleases as long as he preserves Tanks. LEOD enjoys visiting the Cantina as they serve a particular lubricant which helps numb the anger he has for his past.

  • Likes: Tanks: vacuum cleaners and napping  LEOD: Being left alone
  • Dislikes: Tanks: the motion sick tablets he has to take whilst on board LEOD and cats. LEOD: Tanks and humid places
  • Special Skills: Tanks has advanced knowledge of mineral dust and its applications. LEOD has extensive logic skills and can project a carton of peanuts up to 10 meters.

Artist : Sam Rowan

Calphra Torent

Identifies as : Male

Calphra was once a royal bodyguard for the Reigning monarch of Looratan; Cogreph. During a military coup Cogreph was kidnapped whilst under the care of Calphra who has never lived down the shame. Despite being mortally wounded in the battle, he survived, hiding in the vast swamps of Looratan’s wetlands. He was stalked by the vicious Carpree, a carnivorous amphibious creature relentless in its pursuit of prey. Close to death he finally met a trade pilot, Koron, who at the time was smuggling forbidden lingerie and had hidden his stash in the cave Calphra was resting in recovering from his wounds. Koron used some of his wares to patch up Calphra without any promise of recompense. Seeing his impressive weapons and armour, Koron invited him to become part of his crew. During this terrifying ordeal Calphra discovered an ability to adapt his skin colour to his environment and unintentionally it reflects his emotions as well. Freed from his miserable exile Calphra chose to redeem himself by protecting Koron on his ‘secret’ missions. Calphra likes to stop at the bar with Koron between their trading destinations and also to pick up leads for more business.

  • Likes: The texture of silk, slow motion photography and manners
  • Dislikes: The smell of pine, blunt blades and rudeness
  • Special Skills: Vibration sensory in his hands and feet allows him to predict his opponents moves in any fight

(PLANET) – Looratan
(MONARCH) – Cogreph
(CREATURE) – Carpree

Artist : Sam Rowan


Identifies as: Male

A passionate foodie. He has made it his mission to travel the galaxy looking for the best eateries in the galaxy. 

A travelling salesman by trade looking for the best deal on fresh water to be taken back to his drought ridden planet. His unfortunate addiction to chips has led him to be away from his planet longer than he intended. He is too embarrassed to return due to losing the water whilst en route to various planets and a recent attempt to substitute it with vinegar went disappointingly wrong and he lost more water in the process.

Rumours reached him that he had been made a missing person on his home planet so he feels less pressure to return.

Unable to show emotion very well, he often finds he is misunderstood and it may look like he’s not listening. He is. But this doesn’t stop others tapping his sphere and raising their voices at him.

A regular reviewer on Star-Trip Advisor, he considers himself quite the connoisseur of intergalactic food. His high standards and scathing reviews have led to him being refused service at countless establishments. Unphased, he secretly desires a career change to a food critic. Specialising in chips and the fried potato arena.

  • Likes: Chips,Exceedingly greasy food, chips, blue lights, chips and the sound of burps
  • Dislikes: Narrow doorways and loud noises. Food colouring, it makes his sphere water murky
  • Special Skills: Negotiation skills but too impulsive with his money. His ability to annoy others

Artist : Sam Rowan

Melayny Cholya

Identifies as: Sub female

A Pynfryack. Melayny specialises in quiz questions on her native planet of Heropoeia where knowledge is prized above all else. This also being their source of nutrients and accounts for their survival. Melayny likes to go to the bar to pick up on new knowledge from the various attendees there, feeding upon the new stories and the information she can garner. 

Unfortunately she frequently comes across those with lesser intelligence which can make her feel light headed and confused. She has an insatiable appetite for gossip. Whether it be about someone or something she adores it. It’s such a powerful type of knowledge for her she can become fully intoxicated, making her speech slur, her decisions poor and the ultimate embarrassment,  answering a quiz question wrong. Melayny loves to enter the quizzes held at the Cantina which she almost always wins. She has a superior knowledge but has a constant feeling of imposter syndrome on her home planet so she also finds solace being at the bar with lesser intelligent beings.

  • Aluminium foil and old double A batteries which react with her skin and make her busy mind go quiet
  • Dislikes: Strong smells, peanut brittle and litter
  • Special skills: Psychokinesis

(PLANET) – Heropoeia