Empowered by premier artists from the film and gaming industries, Joylina’s Cantina is connecting art to open source game development through trading card NFTs. All cards wield unique, randomly generated stats, classes, power ups, and scarcity. Each of the 10,000 one-of-a-kind cards will be minted as an NFT on the Solana blockchain. At its heart, Joylina’s Cantina is a creative art project with a mission to elevate artists and build a community-driven universe full of extraordinary characters. We envision a future in which our trading cards are used to build new worlds.

Curated trading card NFT project

Randomly generated scarcity, classes, stats and perks

Illustrated by leading professionals from the film and games industry

Game Building blocks think “Loot” meets “Art Blocks”

Full creative freedom

Fare share of profits the Artists

Open source game development

Keyser Swaps Alpha is Live !

Keyser Swaps is a strategy and chance-based card game for 2 to 5 players. It is perfect to play while you chill at Joylina’s Cantina with your friends over an appetizing cup of Beef Slurp. Players can create their own table, show off their unique decks, use voice chat to express how they’re feeling and make new connections along the way whilst they battle it out. After the final release of Keyser Swaps everyone will be able to play the game but card holders will continue to have major advantages (think leader-board and prizes). Being a webGL-based game built in Unity, Keyer can also be easily integrated into other larger web-based metaverses.

Apart from the game itself, the development of the game has created brilliant assets and code to share with the community. Elements like voice chat, wallet connection, card selection and 3D card assets will leave indie developers with a rich open-source library to pull from and use to create new games. These resources will be released shortly after the final release of the game.

The Cards

The Artists

Yoan Vernet

Sam Rowan

Thomas Du Crest

Marby Kwong

Adam Baines

Ben Kovar

Stuart Ellis

Dan Baker



Despite making billions each year, the trading card industry has long rewarded its artists with low compensation and even lesser freedom. Here at Joylina’s Cantina, we’re committed to giving every contributor total artistic freedom and a fair share of sale profit plus a share of 1% of royalties.

Your Rewards

One Card

If your wallet contains any Joylina’s Cantina card NFT, you’ll eligible for Cantina Card Rewards.


A snapshot raffle will be held 30 days after public launch, featuring one new character (~100 cards)

6 Masterpiece 1/1 Artworks from the Series 1 collection will also be raffled in future snapshots.

Presale Access

As a Joylina’s Cantina card NFT holder, you’ll be granted presale access to all future card drops.

Bonus Rewards

If your wallet contains a full set of characters in a class (common, uncommon, rare, or legendary), you’ll receive an exclusive drop of one new special edition character per class.


An outline of our timeline, goals, and hope for the future


Series 1 Creation

Joylina’s Cantina will feature 10,000 trading card NFTs, each unique in its beauty, rarity, and stats. It’s a journey that begins here with Series 1. We’re currently working with premier artists across the industries of film and gaming to create unforgettable, curious, and eccentric creatures. A core goal of ours is to bring on even more artists for future series, thereby elevating the variety of styles and designs. *Completed*


October 28 Launch

After the October 27th whitelist sale, October 28th will mark the official launch of Joylina’s Cantina via public minting on the Solana blockchain. We’ll then initiate rewards, which begins 30 days later with a snapshot raffle. * Snapshot taken & airdrop on route *


Creating Our First Game

Our cards will be like traditional playing cards, which means they’re playable. We’ll initiate the expansion of the Joylina’s Cantina universe by creating our first game: Keyser Swaps. This fast-paced trading card game will serve as a case study for the cards.


Keyser Swaps - Development timeline

Q1 – Prototype 

  • Playable prototype  ( Completed )
  • Card selection ( Completed )

Early Q2 – Alpha Released

A playable game with a pass on every feature we plan to add.

  • Wallet connection ( Completed )
  • Multiplayer ( Completed )
  • Voice and text chat ( Completed )
  • Full 3d environment and lighting ( Completed )
  • Vfx (Completed )
  • Sound fx ( Completed )
  • Music  ( Completed )
  • Voice acting  ( Completed )
  • Deck selection and Favorites  ( In progress )
  • Avatars  ( In progress )

The Alpha will give a clearer example of the final product and provide marketing material.

If the Alpha is in a good place, we will give access to Beef Slurps token holders for feedback.

  • ( Completed )

Q2 – Beta release 

  • Release to the discord for debugging. ( Active to beef slurps holders )

Early Q3 – Final release 

  • Final release
  • Release of Unity SDK for wallet connection and card selection.

Indie Game Developers

The Joylina’s Cantina universe will truly expand because any third-party developer can create games using our cards. Through grants, we’ll encourage indie developers to create experimental games and experiences, all of which will be set in the Joylina’s Cantina universe and only available to card holders.


Constructing the Cantina

If sufficient funds are raised, we’ll expand our team by reaching out to Individuals and indie game studios to partner with on the building of an Interactive NFT browser and start construction of the Cantina.


Driven By Community

Our team features a community manager who’s joining in this journey purely out of interest in our endeavor. That’s the attitude we aim to reward. We want our community to guide us. That’s why we’ll be adding a community area and voting to our platform. We hope our community will respect the time needed by artists to create truly wonderful characters and cards. In turn, we’ll reward that patience by committing to a community-driven approach. Join our discord and follow us on Twitter to help build our community!

Our Vision

The Joylina’s Cantina Multiverse

Cantina Development

Keyser Swap's Game


My Collection Section


Why create Joylina’s Cantina?

This is a creative art project at its heart. We created Joylina’s Cantina to connect amazing card art to open source gaming mechanics. We also launched this endeavor because we noticed the low compensation artists receive for their contributions to the billion-dollar traditional trading card industry. By providing a truly fair share of sale profit plus a share of 1% of royalties and total artistic freedom, we’re giving artists better options while attracting premier talent.

Which blockchain will be used?

Joylina’s Cantina utilizes the Solana blockchain.

How many NFTs will there be?

There will be 10,000 NFTs.

How can I purchase Joylina’s Cantina NFT?

You can purchase Joylina’s Cantina NFTs on secondary markets like DigitalEyes, Magic Eden and FTX US

How do I resell my NFT?

You will be able to sell your Cantina cards on secondary markets like DigitalEyes, Magic Eden and FTX US

Will all cards be unique?

Yes, each card has six stats/traits that are randomly generated. No two cards are alike.

How do I qualify for rewards?

If your wallet contains any Joylina’s Cantina card NFT, you’ll receive Cantina Card Rewards. If your wallet contains a full set of characters in a class (common, uncommon, rare, or legendary), you’ll receive an exclusive drop of one new special edition character per class.

Is there a Discord for Joylina’s Cantina?

Yes! Click here to join and begin shaping our community